How I got started here at RetroAZ

So, the story goes like this. It's 2012. My husband is recently separated from the military and the two of us are living in a tiny house with one bathroom, a roommate, and 3 dogs. It was time for us to start our own lives in our own home. That's when the search started. We didn't know anything about houses or much about what we were looking for. That's when we stumbled upon a tastefully updated 1959 Tucson slump block home. We fell in love with the mid century modern vibe so we made an offer and shortly after, we moved in. Now, the house was great but it wasn't ours. So, we started purchasing things for the home, landscaping and sprucing it up. All of this brings us to where we are now. House numbers. How boring are off the shelf house numbers? They're typically pretty lackluster. So, we set off to design our own. We sat down and brainstormed ideas ultimately coming up with our original diamond shaped numbers. Now we had to find someone to make them for us. Fortunately, that was easy. We had a close friend that owns a CNC plasma table that was up to the task. We sent over our drawing, he created them in the computer, cut them and voila, we had our very own, one off, mid century styled house numbers.

Fast forward a few years and we're now in a different house, a year older than the previous but with a much more original interior and exterior. With a similar situation as our last place, this house actually had house number tiles(gross). Again, we set off to design the perfect house numbers. Bringing us to where we are today. Designing custom house numbers for our wonderful clients and selling a wide array of house numbers that we designed along with accessory signage. We hope to share our love for mid century modern design with the rest of the world and we're off to a great start. Thanks to all of you.

Brandon and Kacee @RetroAZ

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